52 books in 52 weeks

6 Jan

every year i say ill read more and have a plan or a strategy, the best way so far has been book clubs ❤ KSU’s reading club and qeraty 3ibada has helped a lot!

This year i think im gonna try another one, Its a challenge called 52booksin52weeks i heard about this from my friends on twitter @rakahman and @thecrazyjogger

Its very exciting and i think having a group to encourage and review with will be very interesting. I didnt set my list yet though, but i plan on adding books gradually as the year passes by. I might not be able to read a book per week but maybe read more at some periods or something. anyway im excited i hope i make it inshallah 😀

happy twenty eleven!

5 Jan

Happy new year! I know i say this every year but time passes sooo fast! i still feel like 2010 just started! im getting old, ughh anyway

2010 was a pleasant year alhamdulillah it had its ups and downs but gotta focus on the ups right?  That’s how happy people are happy i beleive 😀

anywaay i never did this new year’s resolution thing, i guess ill start this year, First, i want to pray every prayer at its time no matter how busy or sleepy i am.

second, I want to CHILL im always stressed out about stupid stuff, im gonna do it the Dale carnegie way, it has proven effective and i should do it daily.

third, NOT TO PROCRASTINATE i think im doing better on my school work but i still procrastinate a lot.

fourth, -ofcourse being the bookworm I am- Read more. last year i said id read 20 books and according to goodreads (yes i take that site seriously) i read 14, close.

fifth, get more in touch with my family, call on eid and stuff.

aaand thats all i could think of. I hope I stick with them inshalla. I wish you all a happy, joyfull, amazing year that brings you closer to your dreams 😀


26 Dec

Many children movies were about a kid and the miracle of befriending an animal. A dog as in Lassie, a black horse,,, but the best of them was definitely kieko the whale in free willy! (i find the fact that he has an imdb profile extremely cute)

I’m subscribed to this awesome band on Youtube, Boyce Avenue. And they poste a new video of Will You Be there – Michael Jackson and as soon as i listened to it i got so nostalgic i wanted to cry: I wanna watch Free willy! I want a whaaaale ! I wanna be 6 again 😦

Im downloading the movie as we speak and planning a nostalgic movie night with the girls. But before i leave you with the song i want to show you how old Jess is grown.

and of course the title song, enjoy

Free willy title

Pink Ribbons

30 Oct

There are so many ribbons for promoting awareness for health causes, red is for AIDS blue is for colorectal cancer and the most famous is Pink for Breast cancer.

I just finished an Oncology rotation and realized one simple rule about cancer, the earlier detected, the higher rate of cure & survival. Woman shouldn’t be ashamed nor afraid to visit the clinics, It literally saves lives! I recommend signing up at Abdulatif cancer screening center for free routine checkups. It’s amazing what these people are doing.!

4 months ago i saw someone on TV talking about this Sultan bin Abzulaziz organization trying to break the world record for the largest human pink ribbon in Jeddah,  I was so excited to participate but got busy and forgot about it. And now I’m happy to tell you they did it 😀

So thank you Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud Foundation, Zahra association and to all the girls who participated. You made a difference and certainly made us proud 😀

Go through life acting like a kid

28 Sep

Today was one of those days when i thought i couldnt achieve anything, and with prefect timing Malak my friend sent me this great article about going through life acting like a kid, i looved it. The steps he mentioned seem so simple, applicable and effective.

and it had an embedded video of the famous Rocky Balboa speech:

which also reminded me of this speech from Pursuit to Happiness

wish u all a successful and happy lives


Eid attempt

7 Sep

I always wonder way is the western world so festive about their holidays compared to us. As kids, our eid was all about wearing new clothes and collecting “3eedya” – money treats – and  at the end of the day me and my cousins would all go to Toy Town and play there. happy times 😀

This is a very cute ad from NBK about “3eedyas”

Now that we’re all grown up, frankly new clothes and family gatherings arent cheerful enough. its just like any other family gatherings except that we say “Eid mobarak” and thats it. and it really bugs me! We have only two Islamic eids and they are nothing to look forward too.

So i have an attempt this year. I decided to start new happy traditions. You know, something to look forward too. First we’re gonna wake up early at 6 am and go to the mosque for Eid prayer (this is gonna be very hard since our Ramadan sleeping pattern is messed up)

Second im gonna get a big festive breakfast: doughnuts, pancakes, arabic coffee and maamoul. This should be nice after a month of  fasting.

Thats all i could think of, lets see how it goes.

Oh and kl 3aam winto bkheeir 😛

Salim waladhom yallah!

26 Aug

Ramadan Mubarak! May allah accept our fasting and prayers and grant us his mercy 🙂 (i translated a doaa i hope it makes sense :p)

Ramadan is so full of traditions. Traditional Ramadany foods like vimto, harees, lgeemat, samboosa, mahalbya and the list goes on. Family gatherings and of course the boring Tv shows.

My absolute fav tradition is gergaiaan, it takes place on Ramadan 15th a full moon night.  Kids used to knock on doors of their neighborhood sing the song and get a reward mixture of candy and nuts. Of course its not safe anymore to do that, So my childhood’s gergaian took place in my grandma’s house we used to wear traditional saudi thobes and head covers “bokhnag” and Mama 7ajya -my grandma- used to throw candy on us and we compete on collecting the most. aaah nostalgia!

Mama 7ajya died just before Ramadan 6 years ago and the tradition died with her 😦 words cannot describe how much i miss her, i still pray for her in every prayer and Ask god to gather us together in his heavens inshalla