H1N1 vaccine madness

25 Oct

I keep saying H1N1 is over-rated, but looking into statistics when it first started at 1918, it killed 50 to 100 million people worldwide even here in saudi arabia they called “سنة الرحمة” because everyone was asking god for mercy of this lethal disease. The symptoms are generally mild, and most healthy adults recover like any other regular influenza. the concern is for elderly, young children, patients with underlying diseases and other immuno-compromised patients. But not to worry pharmaceuticals soon developed a vaccine, governments immediately ordered millions of doses and they were promised to arrive by october 2009. As soon as that was announced news broadcasts started talking about the dangers of the vaccine especially this video by russia today http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAamzAnrKzg
The neurological side effects they’re talking about as Autism and GBS are common with all vaccines especially multi-dosage products containing mercury so nothing new here. I suspect that this is biased since international pharmacutical companies usually attack and criticise each other on the media.
Many msgs and rumors have spread warning parents that the vaccine would be mandatory in schools and that it could be really dangerous. i even received a message that the vaccine was developed to decrease men’s fertility and decrease the growing muslim nation. i cant comment on that :).
As health professional i cant consider any recommendation without referring to a double blinded trustworthy clinical trial. Since there aren’t any of those available, the choice whether to take the vaccine or not depends on the risk/benefit ratio. The death of swine flu is H1N1 is one in a 1000 and the risk of a vaccine-associated neurological disorder is one in a million.
So if ur a high risk group, the vaccine could be very useful, alla y7meena jamee3an


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