3 Nov

I’m frustrated, embaressed, guilty and angry ritght now.

let’s start from the beginning: im a leader at ksu’s reading club which i love very much btw, so my responsibilities are arranging weekly meetings where girls present books they’ve read to their colleagues along with arranging other activities as lectures, our book swap week and so.

so for this semester’s first meeting the girls wanted to present Memoires of a geisha! i said cool and asked the other leader to arrange the announcement the room and stuff

For the announcement, she copied the book review on the back and put it, it contained a few words like erotic and romantic so i asked her to change them and she did but then i decided to go with the first one wnyway since there wasnt much time left

last Tuesday, the meeting went fine with very little audience, but its ok we just started, a week later our pharmacy college dean emailed the club manager complaning of our add :|:|

she was like see the add and tell me what u think, the manager – who was great about this btw- discussed it with me and said its cool we’ll send her an appology just make sure what shes made about exactly is she religious? i was like umm no put she pretends to be!

ughhhh! im talking to her tomorrow my dear blog and im coming back for an update!


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