Dana the model student :P

20 Dec

I was told today that i got nominated for the model student award, me and another 10 students, i know i have no chance in hell im winning but im soo nostalgic! in my 20-students-per-class school i used to be الطالبة المثالية  EVERY YEAR and i loooved it, because i had good grades but still not good enough to win the top 3 on the class and for my calm nature i was alwayys chosen

Aaaah the good days! interviews are tomorrow wish me luck! 😉

UPDATE: interview went ok i enjoyed the chit-chat with my proffessors but guess what! i got it to the top 4! they’re interviewing us tomorrow ok i know i said i had no chance in hell but this could do wonders on my CV! i reallyy want it now, ed3ooly!


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