waving goodbye 2009

31 Dec

Days past to fast I can’t believe 2009 is almost over!
End of a year and start of another one is a good occasion to look back and remember ur accomplishments, misfortunes, mistakes, learn from them and plan for the upcoming year

photo by: optical illusion

First ill try to remember 2009 highlights
MJ death
Jeddah’s flooding disaster
National day incident in khobar
Swine flu epidemic

they’re all unfortunate, but well that’s what we usually remember!

My personal highlights
– My bro got ENGAGED!! we have an addition to our family, im so so thrilled with excitment!
– Summer 09 was great I trained and worked as a pharmacist for the first time, had an amazing time with my cousins in lebanon
– oh yeah and i joined ksu’s reading club as a leader! where I met a lot of interesting Ppl, i read alot of amazing books and writers, very inspiring!
– I got an SLR camera for my bday :D:D let the albums begin!
– did a good share  of volunteer work w SANAD and ADHD centre, all involved children ehich i ADORED ❤
– Got a reward for my high GPA which btw i  forgot to cash the check and its out of date now haha

al7amdella all my personal highlights are GOOD im proud of them.
Now to my fav part, Books i read
The last lecture
جدد حياتك
ماتحت الأقنعه
التغيير من الداخل
سنه التفاضل مافضل الله به النساء على الرجال
زمن الخيول البيضاء

متعه الحديث

عالم بلا نساء
Tuesdays with morrie

10 books per year is good! and im reading more arabic. im aiming for 20 next year inshalla

finally, Al7amdellah ive ben generally healthy the whole year me and my dearest family & friends and this is what I’m most grateful for!

U know what’s really funny I had it planned to -like 3 yrs ago- graduate and get married by summer 2010 funny how a persons hopes and dreams can change dramatically, thats the last thing i want now -_-

Excited about in 2010
PSCC symposium organization
Barhomy’s wedding
The survey-based research im doing and presenting at 2 student confrences
MY graduation -well its actully jan 2011- but whateveeer im GRADUATING ppl! 2010 is my laast year studying so i better make the most of it

i wish u all readers a happy new year and leave u with this great video called waving goodbye 2009


2 Responses to “waving goodbye 2009”

  1. dancing thoughts February 6, 2010 at 12:24 am #

    Great post !
    didn’t have the time to check it before today
    i loved the vedio. yes 2009 was a year full of excitements!!
    i am sure you’ll accomplish much more next year 😉

  2. Murali February 6, 2010 at 2:50 pm #

    let the albums begin! ❤

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