The Future is here!

28 Feb

I am a huge technology fan i cant get over how last thurs – when the acquarium cracked in dubai mall- i knew all about it and seen pictures (over twitpic) and videos (on youtube) within only an hour of the accident, i mean how better can it get??

yesterday i did a clean up for my old dusty stacks of textbooks and papers ive saved, and i realized something; i dont need them anymore i could easily google anywhere anytime!

ive stumbled upon those 2 AMAAZING videos by (im not sure whats ted exactly, id appreciate if some1 explains it)

If you thought google earth is cool, check this out.

i keep thinking of amazing ways to use this, especially the telescope and histroic imagery maybe i can watch 9-11 again! oh and lets not forget stalking!! 😛

In this video, the brilliant Pranav Mistry simply thought to implement the digital world into our daily physical world:

Seriously this is the future right here, and as allah said “وماأوتيتم من العلم إلا قليلا”


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