Kindle or iPad??

18 Jun

I’m shopping for an electronic reader but i just cant decide

iPad is soo intresting i loved the idea of having an LCD screen as a book, but I’m not much of a touch screen fan, too delicate for me nor a Mac fan, i’d also rather wait for the 2nd generation. On the other hand kindle has the small compact size which i really need to fit in my handbags and labcoat + the audio book (read to me) option is so cool.

The problem is I’m all into arabic books these days which Kindle dosent support and iPad supports the pdf format – which all arabic e-books are btw- this youtube video helped me alot:

So apparently the kindle ink screen doesnt strain the eyes, hmmmm i think im going for Kindle then.

Update: i ordered a 6″ 2nd generation Kindle and before its shipped Amazon lowered the price 60$ less -___- not cool amazon!


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