Salim waladhom yallah!

26 Aug

Ramadan Mubarak! May allah accept our fasting and prayers and grant us his mercy 🙂 (i translated a doaa i hope it makes sense :p)

Ramadan is so full of traditions. Traditional Ramadany foods like vimto, harees, lgeemat, samboosa, mahalbya and the list goes on. Family gatherings and of course the boring Tv shows.

My absolute fav tradition is gergaiaan, it takes place on Ramadan 15th a full moon night.  Kids used to knock on doors of their neighborhood sing the song and get a reward mixture of candy and nuts. Of course its not safe anymore to do that, So my childhood’s gergaian took place in my grandma’s house we used to wear traditional saudi thobes and head covers “bokhnag” and Mama 7ajya -my grandma- used to throw candy on us and we compete on collecting the most. aaah nostalgia!

Mama 7ajya died just before Ramadan 6 years ago and the tradition died with her 😦 words cannot describe how much i miss her, i still pray for her in every prayer and Ask god to gather us together in his heavens inshalla


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