happy twenty eleven!

5 Jan

Happy new year! I know i say this every year but time passes sooo fast! i still feel like 2010 just started! im getting old, ughh anyway

2010 was a pleasant year alhamdulillah it had its ups and downs but gotta focus on the ups right?  That’s how happy people are happy i beleive 😀

anywaay i never did this new year’s resolution thing, i guess ill start this year, First, i want to pray every prayer at its time no matter how busy or sleepy i am.

second, I want to CHILL im always stressed out about stupid stuff, im gonna do it the Dale carnegie way, it has proven effective and i should do it daily.

third, NOT TO PROCRASTINATE i think im doing better on my school work but i still procrastinate a lot.

fourth, -ofcourse being the bookworm I am- Read more. last year i said id read 20 books and according to goodreads (yes i take that site seriously) i read 14, close.

fifth, get more in touch with my family, call on eid and stuff.

aaand thats all i could think of. I hope I stick with them inshalla. I wish you all a happy, joyfull, amazing year that brings you closer to your dreams 😀


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