52 books in 52 weeks

6 Jan

every year i say ill read more and have a plan or a strategy, the best way so far has been book clubs ❤ KSU’s reading club and qeraty 3ibada has helped a lot!

This year i think im gonna try another one, Its a challenge called 52booksin52weeks i heard about this from my friends on twitter @rakahman and @thecrazyjogger

Its very exciting and i think having a group to encourage and review with will be very interesting. I didnt set my list yet though, but i plan on adding books gradually as the year passes by. I might not be able to read a book per week but maybe read more at some periods or something. anyway im excited i hope i make it inshallah 😀


One Response to “52 books in 52 weeks”

  1. Hind January 7, 2011 at 10:58 pm #

    I want to do it sooo bad but I can barely read half a book a month with all the work we have this year! Maybe when I graduate inshallah? 😀 Don’t know.
    You should add a page here with the books you’re planning to read/have read, plus reviews of course. You know I trust your judgement. 😉

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