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Eid attempt

7 Sep

I always wonder way is the western world so festive about their holidays compared to us. As kids, our eid was all about wearing new clothes and collecting “3eedya” – money treats – and  at the end of the day me and my cousins would all go to Toy Town and play there. happy times 😀

This is a very cute ad from NBK about “3eedyas”

Now that we’re all grown up, frankly new clothes and family gatherings arent cheerful enough. its just like any other family gatherings except that we say “Eid mobarak” and thats it. and it really bugs me! We have only two Islamic eids and they are nothing to look forward too.

So i have an attempt this year. I decided to start new happy traditions. You know, something to look forward too. First we’re gonna wake up early at 6 am and go to the mosque for Eid prayer (this is gonna be very hard since our Ramadan sleeping pattern is messed up)

Second im gonna get a big festive breakfast: doughnuts, pancakes, arabic coffee and maamoul. This should be nice after a month of  fasting.

Thats all i could think of, lets see how it goes.

Oh and kl 3aam winto bkheeir 😛


Salim waladhom yallah!

26 Aug

Ramadan Mubarak! May allah accept our fasting and prayers and grant us his mercy 🙂 (i translated a doaa i hope it makes sense :p)

Ramadan is so full of traditions. Traditional Ramadany foods like vimto, harees, lgeemat, samboosa, mahalbya and the list goes on. Family gatherings and of course the boring Tv shows.

My absolute fav tradition is gergaiaan, it takes place on Ramadan 15th a full moon night.  Kids used to knock on doors of their neighborhood sing the song and get a reward mixture of candy and nuts. Of course its not safe anymore to do that, So my childhood’s gergaian took place in my grandma’s house we used to wear traditional saudi thobes and head covers “bokhnag” and Mama 7ajya -my grandma- used to throw candy on us and we compete on collecting the most. aaah nostalgia!

Mama 7ajya died just before Ramadan 6 years ago and the tradition died with her 😦 words cannot describe how much i miss her, i still pray for her in every prayer and Ask god to gather us together in his heavens inshalla

Wavin’ Flag

20 May

Its finally Summer ’10  !!

I’ve never been much of a soccer fan, infact im usually anoyed by those fans -_- but the world cup is a special case ❤ im so excited for south africans too, that awesome country needs to be noticed.  Now thanks to our beautiful saudi educational system ill be having finals all june 🙂  But inshalla ill find time to cheer for spain and Ghana this year

I’m not sure which is the official song this yr but i loved them both

When i grow older i will be stronger they’ll call me freedom just like a waving flag

and dont even think of listening to the nancy ajram version -__- i guess arabs have to turn everything into a love song, this english -spanish version is way better (y)

who are u cheering for?