Worldcup ’10

11 Jul

i absoloutly looooved worldcup this year, i mean i always get excited about it but this year was special because it exceeded all expectations! At first, last mondiale’s champions -franc & italy- played really lousy and left early this year. So I though this was a south American championship when uruguay, paraguay and ofcource argentine and brazil prevealed. Then! it appeared to be yet another european – but different european- championship when spain, germany and holland rocked it.

I was rooting for argentina and Ghana this year. I got so excited i found myself reading sports articles and watching goal videos on youtube :p -which i never did before- Ghana made me soo proud and reached a really good stage, i think they earned to reach the half final too. Argentine disappointed me at their game against germany but they all played amazing nontheless.

Today is the finale, Its interesting that if either Holland or Spain wins it will be they’re first so that’s exciting. My friend is having a world cup party, it should be fun 😀


Kindle or iPad??

18 Jun

I’m shopping for an electronic reader but i just cant decide

iPad is soo intresting i loved the idea of having an LCD screen as a book, but I’m not much of a touch screen fan, too delicate for me nor a Mac fan, i’d also rather wait for the 2nd generation. On the other hand kindle has the small compact size which i really need to fit in my handbags and labcoat + the audio book (read to me) option is so cool.

The problem is I’m all into arabic books these days which Kindle dosent support and iPad supports the pdf format – which all arabic e-books are btw- this youtube video helped me alot:

So apparently the kindle ink screen doesnt strain the eyes, hmmmm i think im going for Kindle then.

Update: i ordered a 6″ 2nd generation Kindle and before its shipped Amazon lowered the price 60$ less -___- not cool amazon!


7 Jun

I’m a bit nostalgic today, those diseny classics never fail to cheer me up

ill start with my all time favorite “A whole new world”

“I wanna be where the people are”

Beaautyy and the beaaast ❤ that has to be the best melody ever written!

i dunno is it me who grew up or really the disney classics aren’t as good as they used to be! :S seriously Wall-E?? -__-

الجنه حين اتمنى

4 Jun

I’ve tried to blog this in arabic – since its an arabic book but i failed :\ i just dunno wether to write in classic “fo97a” arabic and sound wierd or write in our every day language and sound “63sya”

Sorry my beloved language but untill i figure it out ill blog in english :\
Anyway! i first heard about it from a random BB broadcast with the book’s amazing introduction:

الجنه بالنسبة لي..
ليست مجرد حقيقة قادمة
إنها المواعيد التي تم تأجيلها رغما عني

والأماكن التي لا تستطيع الأرض منحي اياها

إنها الحب الذي بخلت به الدنيا

والفرح الذي لاتتسع له الأرض

إنها الوجوه التي اشتاقها.. والوجوه التي حرمت منها..

إنها نهايات الحدود وبدايات إشراق الوعود..

إنها استقبال الفرح ووداع المعاناة والحرمان..

الجنة زمن الحصول على الحريات.. فلا قمع ولا سياج ولا سجون, ولا خوف من القادم والمجهول..

الجمة موت المحرمات وموت الممنوعات..

الجنة موت السلطات..

الجنة موت الملل.. موت التعب..

موت اليأس..

الجنة موت الموت

Its not a description or an educational book about jannah, he writes about it as he imagines it, as he wants it to be, and he prays that god will grant it to him according to this aya” لهم مايشاءون فيها ولدينا مزيد”

i loved the book he made me reaally hate our daily life and look forward to jannah inshalla

alla yjma3na jamee3an fe fasee7 jannatah ❤

Wavin’ Flag

20 May

Its finally Summer ’10  !!

I’ve never been much of a soccer fan, infact im usually anoyed by those fans -_- but the world cup is a special case ❤ im so excited for south africans too, that awesome country needs to be noticed.  Now thanks to our beautiful saudi educational system ill be having finals all june 🙂  But inshalla ill find time to cheer for spain and Ghana this year

I’m not sure which is the official song this yr but i loved them both

When i grow older i will be stronger they’ll call me freedom just like a waving flag

and dont even think of listening to the nancy ajram version -__- i guess arabs have to turn everything into a love song, this english -spanish version is way better (y)

who are u cheering for?

The undercover economist

12 Mar
i was in a bookstore in london, desperatly in need for a goodread of my choice, ive ben under the influence of bookclub choices for a while now. so as i normally do, i went to the bestselling novels section and picked the prettiest Asian designed cover, it was a book about an asian guy who lived in western society, typical me.

Last minute i picked a book called “The undercover economist” thought it’d be a nice change since i know next to nothing about economics. finance or related sciences.

it turned out very well, It’s like ECON 101 it lists many basic economics principles in everyday exapmles such as a trip to the supermarket and buying cappuccino basically their goal is to get more money from people willing to pay it, and still sell to others with lower budgets.
some of the interesting facts i learned:
1- why coffee places could sell a cappuccino that costs them less than 2 SR by 15 SR, basically its because they choose locations as a hospital or a college campus and they pay more so they’ll be the only coffe place on the location, so cutomer in need of coffee would pay anything and a 15SR cappuccino would sound reasonable at the time.
2- economy class on airplanes, the dont only make it better by adding previlages to first class but they also make it worse for economy class by making smaller tables and so. so anyone who CAN afford first class wont tolerate it.
3- In tourist cities, they rise prices by 20% and make it cheaper for residents by asking them to create an account and have the store card 20% less, that way its more expensive for rich tourists.
and many more, i recommend 🙂

The Future is here!

28 Feb

I am a huge technology fan i cant get over how last thurs – when the acquarium cracked in dubai mall- i knew all about it and seen pictures (over twitpic) and videos (on youtube) within only an hour of the accident, i mean how better can it get??

yesterday i did a clean up for my old dusty stacks of textbooks and papers ive saved, and i realized something; i dont need them anymore i could easily google anywhere anytime!

ive stumbled upon those 2 AMAAZING videos by (im not sure whats ted exactly, id appreciate if some1 explains it)

If you thought google earth is cool, check this out.

i keep thinking of amazing ways to use this, especially the telescope and histroic imagery maybe i can watch 9-11 again! oh and lets not forget stalking!! 😛

In this video, the brilliant Pranav Mistry simply thought to implement the digital world into our daily physical world:

Seriously this is the future right here, and as allah said “وماأوتيتم من العلم إلا قليلا”